Wayfinding and Mapping Solutions

Our wayfinding engine makes navigating your space simple.

Satisfied guests

Guests feel as if they can finally find their way through your space without fail. Our wayfinding solutions couple the user’s behavior and technology to create the perfect solution.

Fast and easy changes

As your environment changes, make updates at any time or place via our robust CMS. Stores, campuses, rooms, offices, and buildings change. With a digital wayfinding solution, your maps can be updated within seconds.

More time spent in your environment

When guests can find their way, they are able to spend more time on what’s important to them.

Advanced Wayfinding

Our wayfinding engine turns complex campuses into easy to navigate environments. The Library of Congress solution is an example of a multi building, 3D, point-to-point, and targeted navigation Wayfinder.

SmartCity and SmartCampus Wayfinding

With decades of expertise in crafting compelling digital solutions, Nanonation is the perfect partner to bring your community’s story to life. Experience the power of Nanonation’s interactive solutions as they transform your community’s information, places of interest, and events into an immersive and captivating touch screen experience.

Attraction Wayfinding

Wayfinding meets playful interaction with our attractions solution. Within the simple user interface, users can find their way and use our photo booth solution.

Retail Wayfinding

With a wayfinder at every corner, our solution is sure to point shoppers to their stores of choice. Our reporting engine makes evaluating customer usage and store visits simple and meaningful.

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